We are a helpful advocate for persons with mental illness and their families. We advocate:


  • Persons with long-term mental health or addictions problems have the right to appropriate care, treatment and rehabilitation within the least restrictive environment. They have the right to remain in their own community whenever possible.

  • Government, caregivers, the voluntary sector and individuals must work together to improve the quality of life for mental health consumers.

  • Continuing public education is necessary to sensitize society and to fight the stigma of chronic mental illness.

    Some of the following areas of concern are brought to the Advocacy Committee for assistance:

  • You or your family member have been unsuccessful in accessing appropriate care

  • You are having financial difficulties due to mental illness

  • You cannot afford your psychiatric medications

  • You are experiencing legal problems due to your mental illness

  • You have been asked to vacate your apartment

  • Your healthcare provider is not meeting your needs

    If you require advocacy, please contact us.